Friday, September 1, 2017

And now for something (almost) completely different

"Beach Walk", watercolour, 4  5/8" x 6 5/8" (inches)
CLICK HERE TO BUY OR BID (starts at $45 US)

For the month of September I will be participating in the “30 in 30 challenge” on Leslie Saeta’s blog.  So, in theory, I will be posting a painting every day both here on my blog and on the 30 in 30 Blog as well.  This is a challenge that Leslie has offered up twice a year for the last few years now, and I am finally attempting to take part!  I’m not promising that I will actually post a new painting every day, but I will challenge myself to at least paint a lot more frequently and hopefully get close to that goal.
But for the first time in over nine years, I will be doing some of that work using watercolours, just to change things up.  Still, some of the work you’ll see will be oils, but hopefully a lot will be watercolours like today’s painting  ...change is as good as a rest.

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