About Me

I grew up in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, where I spent my childhood and teenage years until moving to Ontario as a young adult. I consider myself a "born" artist; drawing was my favourite form of entertainment from childhood, through the teen years and into adulthood, sketching any subject that caught my interest. Although I did not have the benefit of a formal education in Fine Art, I continued to nurture my love of art over the years, through self-directed study and taking a few classes along the way.

After I started my family, though free time was scarce, I drew when I could, and also painted subjects in watercolour. With my children grown, in 2009 I turned my attention to once again developing my artistic ability with the goal of pursuing a career as full time artist. At that time I made the change to oils, and discovered a whole new way of creating the vision I had for my work. I continued to learn and grow, referring to books and magazines, and of course by actually painting and learning through trial and error (lots of errors!).

In 2014 I became aware of the daily painters; in particular the daily paintworks website, and the work of Carol Marine and her wonderful book on the subject, Daily Painting. This inspired me to work smaller and to paint on a daily basis (although as of this writing, I am still not at the point that I can produce a painting a day). But it has helped me to loosen up a bit more, be more decisive in my choice of colours and brushstrokes, as well as enabled me to more clearly develop my own process and style. I am now in the habit of painting daily and have been posting on the Daily Paintworks site since May, 2015.

Currently I am focusing on smaller works on canvas in oils, though I will also continue to produce other larger format oil paintings as well.  

I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and two children.  You can view my work at horvatart.com  

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