Saturday, March 25, 2017

Golden Flute

Oil on Canvas (10 x 12 inches)

Once upon a time - many years ago, I played the flute … a little.  I took lessons for a couple of years and really enjoyed every minute of it, but as years went by the lessons and the flute were put away and sadly I barely remember any of what I learned back then. But I still have the flute and in recent weeks decided if I can’t play it anymore I can at least paint it. I loved capturing the reflected lights as well as all the interesting details. In reality the flute is actually a more common silver plate, but I decided to play around with the colours and painted it in gold tones to contrast nicely against the blue background.

1 comment:

Helene Adamson said...

This is luscious, Margaret. All those wonderful turns and twirls of reflected planes are beautifully celebrated! Gosh, you're good!

I also had a passing flirtation with the flute years ago, but ended up drifting away as you did. Hubby is an accomplished musician and I'd thought it would be nice to experience music as he did. Unfortunately my dedication to practice was short lived.